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It’s a dogs life

Miss Tessa our Bullmastiff. She is five and full of spunk. In fact the day this picture was taken she decided to get into it with a porcupine. Which left us spending all night at an emergency vet to get her de-quilled. Lesson learned, don’t let her explore in the woods on our walks.

We have five big dogs. Three Bullmastiffs and two Boxers. Never ending love in our house. They all love to go camping or just for a ride. As soon as they hear the engine start they are ready and waiting. Most think we are crazy but we disagree. Well maybe a little crazy. Both breeds are full of love and loyalty.

We try to always take them with us. Sometimes we just take one or two. It is important to us to try and give them each one on one time. We get someone to stay at our house. It is always someone we know and are familiar to the the dogs.

A van fits right in with our lifestyle. What else can you fit this crew in? The van is perfect. Not that they need a lot of room. Definitely lovers.

Do you travel with animals? There is no way we could just check into a hotel. Having a Wicked Cool Van or our RV makes it like we never left home. Living the dream. Wicked Cool Vans keeps us close to home lately. Every spare moment we get we hit the road. With the entire crew.

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If you are looking for the perfect pet bed for travel we love taking a cot. It can be taken a part for easy storage. Perfect for when you’re stopped at a place where the ground is rocky and you want your pup to lay down and relax. Here is one we use for you to check out or check out more

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