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Holes in Your Van

You just brought your new van home. The first thing in a build is to put holes in your new van for windows, vents, air conditioners, heaters any outer device you are planing in your build. This requires cutting a big ole hole in your new van. A scary thing. No turning back now.

Hole in a new van for our clients Fresair cooling machine.

Most items you will be installing will have a template. The key is to make sue where you are cutting does not have any structural beams in the place you would like your new product. At times you may have to place the new item in a different place. Research is important. Reading the description and measure for placement ahead of time to make sure your vision can be accomplished. The reason why these items must be installed first.

No template with this window.

You have to be prepared for the item to come without a template. The cardboard box it came in will work. Read the instructions and watch a video on installation. This way you can get tips on what not to do. A lot of videos will share their mistakes. That way you don’t make the same ones. One thing we always do is make a practice cut from our template. We will take a piece of scrap wood. Trace out our template on it. Make the cut. Fit the item in the cut hole to make sure your template is spot on.

We make sure the area is clean and free of any debris. Check you are not placing it where you will interfere with a structural component. Measure many times. You will want to make sure you are placing the hole level and even. Draw your outline. Step away. Make sure it looks right. Take some final measurements. After the outline we always place tape on the outer side of our outline. This helps prevent your tool from making scrapes on outside of your cut.

Make sure you have a new blade for your saw. This will insure a clean cut. After the cut you will need to file the edges and paint with primer. This helps avoid rust from exposed metal.

Metal Primer then paint will help prevent rust.

After the paint dries dry fit your item. If all looks good you can start your placement. Butyl seal tape on the edge of the item before we do the final screw in. Here is a link to some on Amazon the butyl seal tape is a great thing to have on hand for your build. If it is an item on your roof you will want lap sealant on hand as well. Here is the lap sealant we recommend. The final step is to secure your item into place. Make sure you are plumb and level. It wasn’t that bad was it?

Here is a list of item I would have on hand for putting holes in your van:

Jig Saw make sure you have new blades

Butyl Seal Tape

Lap sealant if its on your roof

Paint Tape

Sharp Marker

Metal File

Primer Paint

Metal Paint

Tape Measure

Rubbing Alcohol

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