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Van For Sale

For over a year we searched multiple listings of “Van For Sale”. We entertained buying new from our local dealership. Russell works for an automotive dealership. He works for Chevrolet GMC his company owns a Dodge and Ford store. Chevrolet/GMC’s were out. They do not make a high roof model. We needed to be able to stand up inside. His Dodge dealership had one in stock it was a gas engine and not the extended model. The Ford shop had high roofs in stock with the shorter wheel base. Ordering new was a possibility, the wait time was long. We decided to continue our journey for a used, new to us Van.

Never ending road

The road seemed never ending. We really wanted a diesel engine. With plans on traveling a lot. We really wanted the diesel. We are getting great miles per gallon.

The high roof was at the top of my list. I wasn’t going to budge on this one. We entertained all manufacturers. Mercedes was my favorite with the longest wheel base. We almost pulled the trigger on a couple of them.

I was going to hold firm on a high roof, extended wheel base with a diesel engine. Thinking a used van with a diesel engine can have higher miles. Buying used is always a risk. Russell is not a mechanic. We did not want something we would spend money to keep it running. All vehicles needs regular maintenance and upkeep. We just wanted to be able to focus on spending on the build.

We ended up with the 2016 3500 Ram Promaster extended. I have to admit I was in love from day one. The drive was three hours to get her. We did our research to get her history. She was not perfect. I mean if you think you will find a used cargo van in perfect condition, think twice. Just a reality.

The day she came home.

This is where it all started.

Our first Wicked Cool Van. It would be great to say done, we are always adding something. It will be that way with most vans.

Our current Wicked Cool Vans client changed things up a bit. Sometimes you just need to see it. Decide if it was what you thought. Change or add to it. Spending time in a small space you need to be comfortable.

Wicked Cool Vans current build

We decided to build Wicked Cool Vans #1 with a loft bed. We have pets and wanted it pet friendly. If we travel without our fur babies or use it for business that area is full of our stuff. I feel it was a good choice for our needs. We spend most of our time outside. Being able to just reach in slide out the fridge, grab a cold one is a game changer.

Slide out fridge easy access from in or out of the van.

These coolers should have lots of breathing room. Circulation is the key to keeping it running for a long time. It can be used as a refrigerator, half refrigerator half freezer or a freezer. These are great options. Here is the link to check it out on amazon

No mater where we go people want to check it out. We are proud to show it off. Now we can just jump in and go, anywhere.

Here she is finished….

Wicked Cool Vans Maine

Thanks again for taking time to read our blog. We are happy to share our journey.

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Website Build

Man I can build a van but building a website is kicking my @$&.

Non stop YouTube videos. Choosing the perfect design. Hours of time invested. The money you sink in.

Boy this sounds like a van build. Sounds just like my website build.

Designs,layout, links, titles, photos, videos and so much more.

We will get it done. I have to just keep telling myself that.

We have come to the conclusion that like a van build, building a website will not happen overnight.

We thank all that follow us. For understanding it’s a work in progress.

Shop our affiliate program 24/7 just click the link

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table saw

Tools needed for your van build.

What tools do you absolutely need to build a van yourself?

We have a few suggestions that will make your life a lot easier.

Tools that we would not build a van without.

Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2 Inch Plunge Circular Saw Kit, with Stackable Tool Case and 55 Inch Guide Rail just click the link to find it on Amazon

number one tool in van building

The circular saw makes all the cuts square, fast and easy. Always follow the rule measure twice cut once. Most of the time we measure four times, write it down and always double check before we cut. No need to waste wood, time or money.

CRAFTSMAN Tape Measure, Self-Lock, 25-Foot click the link for our favorite one. This one not only is self locking it gives you the fraction numbers. We find that real helpful.

Kreg R3 Master System With Classic Clamp click the link for the one we use. The Pocket hole jig system for do-it-yourselfers. This helps with cabinet making.

Corner Clamp,AFAKE 90 Degree Right Angle Clamp for Woodworking,Aluminum Alloy Body,Adjustable Swing Jaw,Carbon Steel Threaded Rod Wood Working Jigs for Metal Welding,Photo Frame,Cabinet,Drawer click the link to check it out. Keeping your cabinets square while you put in your screws makes you feel like you have an extra set of hands.

Makita JV0600K Top Handle Jig Saw, with Tool Case,Teal click the link to the left. You can get a cheap one of these but if you are considering putting in windows or making precise cuts you will want a quality jig saw.

Milwaukee 21 Piece Bi-Metal All Purpose Hole Saw Kit With Case click the link for the set we use. Building a van you make lots of holes. This kit is good for both wood and metal hole cutting.

Ryobi 12-Volt Lithium-Ion 3/8 in. Cordless Drill/Driver Kit-HJP004L click the link for the one we use. We have two always by our side. This will save time from changing from drilling bits to screwing bits.

BOSTITCH Nail Gun, Brad Nailer, Smart Point, 18GA click the link to shop for it on amazon. A brad nail gun is a must have for the areas you don’t want a screw showing. You can build without one but you will be glad you have it.

BOSTITCH Air Compressor Kit, Oil-Free, 6 Gallon, 150 PSI link to purchase on amazon. You will need an air compressor to use the nail gun above. The compressor comes in handy to blow the saw dust off of your work. This we use everyday.

Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit – 2.25 Horsepower Plunge Router & Fixed Base Router Kit with a Variable Speed 12 Amp Motor link to purchase on amazon. The router is used often in our Wicked Cool Vans build. You will find both the plunge and fixed base useful.

If you are interested in more tool suggestions send us and email. We will gladly help you set up your shop for a van build. If you do not want to spend money on all these tools that is fine. Just hire Wicked Cool Vans for your van build.

*links above are a part of an associate program

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Baby it’s cold outside

Embrace the cold or drive to the warm weather?
A fresh coat of snow

Good morning in Maine with a fresh coat of snow. Freezing temps compared to toasty warm. Both have pros and cons in van life. Personally we can not wait until the day we can follow perfect warm climate. For now we find the best way to endure winters in New England.

We are able to keep warm with our Diesel Heater. Click this link to get yours

You can install yourself or hire Wicked Cool Vans to do the job. You will find many DIY videos on Youtube. If you have some tools, time and a bit of patience you can do it yourself. You must feel comfortable putting holes in your van and be able to crawl under the van. It is defiantly a two person job. It can be done alone but we would suggest a partner to complete the job.

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What to pack for your next trip. In a van every inch counts. Why bring clothes you will not need. We pack based on how often we will need to do the laundry. Doing laundry takes time away from our site seeing. Doing laundry can be an adventure. We like to find a laundry mat near something exciting. Maybe a restaurant or close to a supermarket. This way we can kill two tasks with one stone. Grab a snack while it is washing then pick up some needed supplies while it drys.

Shopping while you do your laundry

Even if we make doing laundry fun its something we don’t want to do often. We find using packing cubes helpful. They let us bring along more clothing. It also helps with organizing. We keep one larger one for the dirty clothes.

hanging packing cubes a great way to store your clothing

We installed bars on both sides of the bed to hang the packing cubes. The bars are from IKEA. They are meant to store kitchen items. In van life you look for creative ways to make use of the small spaces.

We also use the cubby above the drivers seat. This makes a great space for your extra blankets and clothing cubes. In our van we only have overhead cabinets above the sink. We find no need for ones over the bed. This gives us a more open feel.

See the perfect place for our packing cubes full of our clothing

Thanks for following our blog. Like our blog at the bottom, find us on facebook and instagram. Have a fantastic day!

Our favorite packing cubes on amazon – Gonex Compression Packing Cubes, 4pcs Expandable Storage Travel Luggage Bags Organizers

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Shop with us

Wicked Cool Vans is an Amazon Associate. We shop with Amazon for most of our items in our build process. If you are doing your own Van Build Wicked Cool Vans can help. We will share our favorite items in a Wicked Cool Van build. Click the links provided during a blog to help your own Wicked Cool Build. We welcome emails asking for suggestions of products we use in our Wicked Cool Vans. – click the link to shop with our associate program

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Peek inside a Wicked Cool Van


What do you need for your adventures? Choosing to live a minimalist lifestyle can have some challenges. You must take a look at things you use everyday. Then ask, do I need this to make me happy? Then you realize we tend to clutter our lives with things. Things that we definitely don’t need. Things that we can live without. I like to put those things in a box. Store it away. See how long I can go without wanting it. This helps decide what is your real needs.

Van life helps you see more of what is important in your life. Taking out the clutter, leaves so much room. Room for freedom. Freedom to go, make those dreams come true.

Maine and some of its beauty

You don’t have to go far. You will be surprised what is in your own backyard. No need to spend hours, money and time seeking out wicked cool places. Seek places around you that you have never been. It’s a great way to start #vanlife.

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Small Business

We get asked often how to make money while living in a van. Our Wicked Cool Van helps us promote our small businesses. The van is often used for business events on the road.

The love of travel has inspired the Bradley Family into #Vanlife Join us as we build conversion vans and share with others.
Our Wicked Cool Van is used as a Mobile Boutique during our travels. Take a moment and check out our websites of the products we offer:
UnicornRV Check out all of our products in one place. We are Lularoe Retailers providing the latest style & fashion with clothing.
Totes4u Your Thirty-one Gifts Consultant, Totes, Bags and many storage solution products Norwex environmentally friendly cleaning and healthy living products
Maine Vinyl Company Vinyl products & Gifts, custom vinyl decals, clothing and accessories
Thanks for your support in our small businesses
Kimberly & Russell Bradley

A local Craft Vendor event in Maine

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2016 Ram Promaster

Our current finished van is the 2016 Ram Promaster. It is the 159 wheelbase extended. This size is perfect for a van lived in full-time or even if you are a weekend warrior. The interior size gives enough room for all your necessities. The outside length can fit in a parking space with just a tad poking out. We find parking at the back of a parking lot, pulling in moving as far forward to the front spot works perfect. Be ready for lots of envious looks. Van life is a huge idea right now. Everyone wants to inquire or check it out. This is where our name came from. Living in New England people would approach and state Wicked Cool Van. It stuck with us now all vans we build will be part of our Wicked Cool Vans company.


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Russell & Kimberly Bradley

Let’s introduce ourselves. Camping and travel is our happy place. We both were raised with the joy of family, friends and camping. Starting in tents then on to our first pop-up camper. Now we enjoy time away in our 40′ Newmar motorhome. As parents of five children we are soon to be empty nesters. In 2019 we purchased our first Wicked Cool Van to convert for a smaller version of our motorhome. We like the size of a Wicked Cool Van for short trips with our fur babies. With a van we can fit anyplace we want to visit. It is an easy way for us to, at the last minute, take a trip. Now we are hooked on building custom Wicked Cool Vans for others. Follow us on facebook for our latest build @wickedcoolvans