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Baby it’s cold outside

Embrace the cold or drive to the warm weather?
A fresh coat of snow

Good morning in Maine with a fresh coat of snow. Freezing temps compared to toasty warm. Both have pros and cons in van life. Personally we can not wait until the day we can follow perfect warm climate. For now we find the best way to endure winters in New England.

We are able to keep warm with our Diesel Heater. Click this link to get yours

You can install yourself or hire Wicked Cool Vans to do the job. You will find many DIY videos on Youtube. If you have some tools, time and a bit of patience you can do it yourself. You must feel comfortable putting holes in your van and be able to crawl under the van. It is defiantly a two person job. It can be done alone but we would suggest a partner to complete the job.