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What to pack for your next trip. In a van every inch counts. Why bring clothes you will not need. We pack based on how often we will need to do the laundry. Doing laundry takes time away from our site seeing. Doing laundry can be an adventure. We like to find a laundry mat near something exciting. Maybe a restaurant or close to a supermarket. This way we can kill two tasks with one stone. Grab a snack while it is washing then pick up some needed supplies while it drys.

Shopping while you do your laundry

Even if we make doing laundry fun its something we don’t want to do often. We find using packing cubes helpful. They let us bring along more clothing. It also helps with organizing. We keep one larger one for the dirty clothes.

hanging packing cubes a great way to store your clothing

We installed bars on both sides of the bed to hang the packing cubes. The bars are from IKEA. They are meant to store kitchen items. In van life you look for creative ways to make use of the small spaces.

We also use the cubby above the drivers seat. This makes a great space for your extra blankets and clothing cubes. In our van we only have overhead cabinets above the sink. We find no need for ones over the bed. This gives us a more open feel.

See the perfect place for our packing cubes full of our clothing

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