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You have to eat!

Life on the road in your Wicked Cool Van can be a culinary dream. With a few portable tools breakfast lunch and dinner will be like dinning out at the best restaurant. You can create your own view and enjoy your meal. Todays top pick for a portable cook top is the Blackstone tabletop griddle […]

So you bought a Van

You are excited and beyond thrilled. Ready to make that dream come true. The van is yours now. Time to start your build. Where do we start. What do we do first. So much to think about. If you are anything like us you follow hundreds of people that build and live in a van. […]

Shore power

Parts list for Shore Power from Wicked Cool Vans LLC 30 amp power inlet and 15 amp adapter 20 amp circuit breaker for 30 amp service box 15 amp circuit breaker for 30 amp service box Box for 30 amp breakers 10/3 bulk cable for 30amp power 12/3 AWG Triplex AC Marine Wire […]

What’s in a name

Wicked : Going beyond reasonable or predictable limits : of exceptional quality or degree Cool : Very good : EXCELLENT Vans : A multipurpose enclosed motor vehicle having a boxlike shape, rear or side doors, and side panels often with windows @wickedcoolvans Stock your Wicked Cool Vans with everything you need Shop our affiliate program […]

Solar in your Wicked Cool Van

Solar power gives you power from the sun. Building your solar system for your particular needs is the goal. Here are some tips from Wicked Cool Vans. What items will you need power for? How much sun where you will be traveling? Do you have a maximum price you are able to spend on your […]


Maine, the way life should be. True statement. Visit and explore. Beauty where ever your day takes you. From sea to mountains to the wonderful lakes. You could explore for years and never see the same thing twice. The coastline of Maine is something that never gets old. You are able to find quiet places […]

Van Plumbing

The thought of doing plumbing can be a scary thing. In a van build it is fairly easy to complete your own van plumbing. I am sure you can find plenty of  youtube videos. We use pex pipe and parts for our Wicked Cool Vans water systems. We plan to have all water components on […]

Holes in Your Van

You just brought your new van home. The first thing in a build is to put holes in your new van for windows, vents, air conditioners, heaters any outer device you are planing in your build. This requires cutting a big ole hole in your new van. A scary thing. No turning back now. Most […]

It’s a dogs life

Miss Tessa our Bullmastiff. She is five and full of spunk. In fact the day this picture was taken she decided to get into it with a porcupine. Which left us spending all night at an emergency vet to get her de-quilled. Lesson learned, don’t let her explore in the woods on our walks. We […]


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